An overview of Promoter Companies:
  • Projects
    • Advisory Services to Government Agency
      • Advising Scottish Development International in developing opportunities for Scottish Colleges and Universities in India

        Following up on developing reports for Scottish Colleges and Universities in India, SDI had retained the services of the Consultants to receive advice and input for the development of wider SDI/Scottish Government education strategy activities within India.

    • University Office Management
      • Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), UK

        Continuing its innovative services in managing and guiding foreign Universities operations, in India, the Consultants signed a contract in June 2007 to extend its services to SHU in India. Activities involve managing the existing network of agents in India and deliver quality students to the University, develop partnerships for delivery of programmes in India in priority areas for the University, develop and manage the alumni network. The SHU India office is located in New Delhi with five full time staff dedicated to support the University's operations in Indian sub-continent.

        University of Birmingham

        The University of Birmingham entered into an arrangement with the Consultants in September 2008 to help manage its office in India. The activities include developing a robust agent network to recruit students, develop teaching and research partnerships with Indian education and research organizations, develop and rejuvenate the Birmingham University alumni network, advice the University on developing faculty and students' exchange programmes. The Birmingham University's India office is located in New Delhi with two full time staff dedicated to support the University's activities in India.

        University of Teesside, UK

        The University of Teesside in January 2006, signed a contract with the Consultants to work on its behalf to represent the University in India. The contract involves appointment of agents' network and managing them to recruit students from India, promote partnerships with relevant education institutions to deliver the University's programmes in India. The University's India office is located in Mumbai with a dedicated brand office and three full time staff to support the University's activities in India.

        Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

        Manchester Metropolitan University in March 2010, signed a contract with the Consultants to work on its behalf to represent the University in India. The contract involves appointment of agents' network and managing them to recruit students from India, promote partnerships with relevant education institutions to deliver the University's programmes in India. The University's India office is located in New Delhi with a dedicated branded office with three full time staff working on behalf of the University.

        University of Sunderland, UK: Report and Implementation

        Set up and established the office of University of Sunderland, operations in Indian Sub continent. The office served as a clearing house for applications from students from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh for admission to the University. Dedicated staff and office was provided for executing this project. The University achieved 100 percent growth in student recruitment. Once established and matured, the University of Sunderland office was handed over to their staff to run it independently under the instructions of the University.

        UK e-University: Report and Implementation

        Represented UKeU in India and made efforts to develop their market (the contract ended as UKeU was closed down by the Government in the UK).

    • University Partnership Development
      • IREO

        The Company recently secured a contract to provide consultancy services to Knowledge Corporation Pvt. Ltd. a company sponsored by one of the largest construction companies in India, namely, IREO. KCPL, to begin with is seeking expertise from the consultants to establish private universities in India in association with best of the Universities globally. The first such two universities would be established and start offering courses from 2013 in Ludhiana, State of Punjab and from 2014 in Gurgaon, State of Haryana.

        IREO is the first and the largest Private Equity Fund dedicated to the Indian real estate sector with a fund size of around US $2 billion and the backing of global blue chip investors and financial institutions. Over the period they have emerged as a major pan-India developer equipped with financial strength to fully leverage available opportunities in this sector.

        Since establishing their presence in 2004, IREO has evolved into a fully integrated real estate organization that is both the financer and developer of its projects. The company has a pan-India footprint of projects in prime locations across NCR (including Gurgaon), and in the provinces of Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra under various stages of development and implementation.

        Combining the best of Indian and International resources, IREO's team consists of accomplished Indian and expatriate professionals from diverse backgrounds to lead initiatives and to deliver best

        Cardiff Metropolitan University

        Cardiff Metropolitan University, formerly known as University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), retained the Consultants to identify and implement developing partnership for UWIC on a project to project basis in the South Asia region. The Consultants developed a very successful partnership in Sri Lanka and India.

        University of Plymouth

        The Consultants have been retained by University of Plymouth to develop partnerships in transnational delivery of programmes in India. Discussions are currently taking place with several partner institutions to formalize relationships for delivery of programmes.

        University of Lancaster, UK: Reports and Implementation

        The University of Lancaster retained the consultants to undertake market research for three departments of the University to develop partnerships to undertake joint research and delivery of education and training programmes in India. Four different reports were prepared for four different schools namely, Psychology, Law, Engineering and Computing

        Following development of reports, Lancaster University sought inputs in developing and implementing its strategies for developing partnerships in India. The Consultants successfully organized setting up a partnership for delivery of Lancaster University programmes in India with a leading education organisation in India that is branded as the University of Lancaster's campus in India.

        University of Keele, UK

        The Consultants have an arrangement with the University of Keele to identify and implement developing partnerships for the University of Keele on a project to project basis in India.

    • Services to Awarding Bodies in Vocational Education / Skills Development
      • Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), UK

        SQA entered into an arrangement with the Consultants in October 2010 to help develop their market in the Indian Sub - continent. India has a very ambitious skills agenda and the consultants have already developed links with several leading organizations in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh for SQA to deliver various services to these organizations.

        Edexcel International

        The Consultants secured a major contract in 1998 from one of UK's leading awarding bodies Edexcel UK to represent them in promotion of their qualifications in India to begin with and the territory of operation was extended to countries in South Asia and Africa from the year 2001. The contract was mainly to promote vocational qualifications. The Consultants after developing an annual student registration of over 3,000 per annum in India established Edexcel's qualifications in Bangladesh, Mauritius, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Maldives which are now poised for rapid growth having achieved potential to register over 2000 students. The Consultants set up facilities to manage operations in these countries and handed over back to Edexcel for direct management. Edexcel was taken over by Pearson Education, and Edexcel decided to appoint its own employees to manage its activities in India. The Consultants handed over India operations in September 2008 with about 12500 registrations annually on Edexcel's vocational programmes and a step change in promoting Edexcel's academic qualifications in India.

    • Studies and Market Research
      • Two Studies ( one for the Colleges Sector and other for the HE Sector) for Scottish Development International (SDI) – the International wing of the Scottish Government to identify market opportunities for Scottish Education providers in three cities

        The project involved undertaking desk research along with primary survey of institutions in Delhi, Mumbai, Managalore, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune. The aim of the projects was to recommend to SDI education institutions in the target cities that offer qualifications in IT/ Computing, Business Studies, Retail, Energy, Hospitality and Tourism, Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Engineering and Built Environment that may be willing to collaborate with Scottish Education institutions to develop partnerships. Such partnerships would be for joint delivery of education programmes, research and development, faculty and student exchange.

        Market Research for Executive Education and Training for India undertaken on behalf of UKTI, Government of UK

        This project funded by UKTI, was executed through Prothero Limited (Consultant's associate organisation in UK). The UKTI together with the Department for Innovation, Universities, and Skills (DUIS), has been considering ideas for UK initiatives in executive and management education with India as a basis for presentation and discussion during the Prime Minister's visits to India in the Autumn of 2007. UKTI and the DUIS have consulted some UK companies and university vice chancellors on a broad concept paper proposing British centres for executive education drawing upon the capabilities of UK education providers in this sector. The concept is based on a general assessment of demand in India for practical management education that will equip existing and prospective managers to operate successfully in an international business environment. The Consultants undertook market research with companies, management institutes, industry bodies, key decision makers in India to ascertain the demand for UK Executive education and training programmes in the country.

        Report for Market entry for University of Edinburgh, UK in India

        The Consultants were commissioned by the University of Edinburgh to undertake a study that provides them with opportunities for collaboration in India. The main focus of the study was to identify research opportunities and feasibility for the University to establish its office in India. Prothero Limited(Consultant's associate organisation in UK) assisted in undertaking the study.

        American Institute of Foreign Studies (AIFS) – Report and Implementation

        American Institute of Foreign Studies had contracted in 2006 Prothero Limited (a UK based consultancy organization – Consultant's associate organisation in UK) and the Consultants to undertake a detailed study for them to ascertain the possibilities of promoting their programmes in India.

        Following the acceptance of the report, AIFS contracted Prothero Ltd and the Consultants later in 2006 to implement the project in India. This involved putting in place a network of staff and consultants across major cities in India that promoted various programmes such as Summer Institute for the Gifted, recruitment of counselors for Camp America, recruitment of Au Pairs and identifying Indian universities with which Study Abroad Programme for American students can be implemented. Two groups of camp counselors participated in Camp America Programme in 2007 and 2008, two batches of students participated in Summer Institute of Gifted Programme in 2007 and 2008 and a few Au Pairs were also recruited. A Study Abroad rogramme had been established at the University of Hyderabad and the first batch of students started their semester abroad in August 2008.

        Promotion of Erasmus Mundus Funded European Masters in Life Long Learning(MALLL): Policy and Management: Report and Implementation

        The European MALLL programme is delivered by a Consortium of three institutions Department of Education, University of Aahrus, Copenhagen, Denmark, University of Duesto, Bilbao, Spain, Institute of Education, University of London, UK. The Consortium over the last two years were not been able to attract students to the scholarship programme and awarded this project to the Consultants to help promote the programme, attract quality applicants and explore links between quality Indian universities with a view to develop collaborative delivery and research. A good number of quality applications were generated and quality institutions have been put forward to develop links with the Consortium. A future plan of action had been recommended for future follow up.

        Market Research for Sheffield Hallam University

        The Sheffield Hallam University had retained the services of the Consultants to prepare a report for them to identify opportunities for enhancing the recruitment of students, identify opportunities for their four major schools under which the different departments of the University is grouped. These schools are:

        • Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences
        • Development and Society
        • Health and Well Being
        • Organisation and Management

        The report inter alia recommended the specific subject areas in which there are opportunities for partnerships that should be pursued by each of the four schools, some specific institutions that are interested in developing partnerships with the University and the level and type of partnerships that should be explored by the University. The report also recommended to the University to set up an office in India that would be responsible for networking with agents to facilitate recruitment of students and also help pursue development of partnerships. The University accepted the recommendation of the consultants and the Consultants are responsible for managing the office of the University in India and also advising them on developing partnerships.

        Study for HEC Paris for Market entry into India

        The Consultants were commissioned by HEC Paris a leading French Management Institute to undertake a study to identify potential for executive education in India and also to advise them on opportunities for establishing their physical presence in India. The study for executive education opportunities was undertaken across six cities in India. This involved primary research, group discussions with HR managers of leading companies in each cities as well as desk research on leading management schools located in the six cities.

    • Support Services
      • London School of Economics, UK

        Provided logistics support to London School of Economics to organize event for the visit of their CEO to India. LSE has moved their premises in New Delhi to set up a representative office.

        Interactive University (Scholar Programme), UK

        Interactive University was set up as a partnership of Scottish Universities and education providers to develop delivery of on-line programmes leading to qualifications from Scottish education providers. The Scholar programme in UK was developed to support delivery of science and ICT qualifications at the school level. The Consultants offered logistics support to market the Scholar programme in India and the project ended on the winding up of the Interactive University project.

  • Brief Profile of Promoter Directors
      • Mr. Satish Kumar Sharma, Director and a post graduate in Management education, has experience of working at senior positions in Government and Public Sectors, and as a consultant in the field of education including wide experience in implementing projects in a number of countries, to name a few, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, etc. He worked in different positions, including as Regional Manager for South Asia and Africa Regional Development Manager, India for Edexcel International, the largest awarding body in the UK. He is currently involved in implementing various projects being handled by the group companies.
      • Mr. Joy Jyoti Nandi, Director and a Geologist by qualification, has experience at senior positions in Government and Public Sector and also as educational consultant. He has wide experience in projects funded by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Department for International Development, UK, other bilateral funding agencies, foreign governments and the government of India. He has been Adviser Consultant on Education to the British Council, New Delhi, India for around 10 years and also as Consultant to Edexcel International, the largest awarding body in the UK for a similar period. He is currently involved in implementing various projects being handled by the group companies.

      Experience of Directors

      • Preparation of detailed project reports for establishment of universities, management institutions, and technical institutions of higher learning under the national / international funding.
      • Development of instructional resources including supply of the same to the developing countries under the international funding.
      • Training and placement of foreign students in India for courses e.g. engineering, medical, short term training programmes.
      • Conceptualising and conducting seminars in India on key issues of education.
      • Participation in international education fairs/exhibitions to promote Indian education.
      • Preparation of bids, commissioning and directing execution of the projects in the education sector, mainly, technical appraisal of the education system and suggesting improvement under the funding of World Bank and Asian Development Bank
  • Testimonial
    • Just wanted to let you all know that Joy and Satish have decided to part company with Edexcel after many years of supporting us since our very beginnings in India. Having won our biggest ever International deal with Frankfinn - which continues to grow - they have made a vital contribution to our business. On behalf of the Edexcel International team, I would like to thank Satish and Joy for their contribution, great spirit and always entertaining presence. We wish you great happiness and success in your new adventure. Ross Hall, Director Edexcel International, UK

      I should like to reiterate my thanks to you and say what a delight it is to work with you. I very much like your professional and progressive style and I think the set of opportunities that you produced for us to examine in our visit was outstanding. It will be important as we move forward that we have consultants that we can totally trust and respect. We are very fortunate in having you as our consultants….I very much look forward to continuing to work with you as you become part of the Lancaster Team.Professor R D McKinlay, Deputy Vice-Chancellor / Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Development) Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK

      As Mark has said below I'm very happy to confirm for the record that we are highly satisfied with the service that you have provided within the context of our further and higher education scoping work. The resulting reports provide a sophisticated overview of the market context and of business opportunities available in the target areas. This will give us a firm basis from which to plan and prioritise our educational work within India, and to advise our institutions on their individual approaches. We look forward to working with you in following up on the leads identified and in developing our knowledge and our approach further going forward.Kimberley Daly, Senior International Business Executive, Trade & Investment Education, Scottish Development International, Glasgow, UK

      ….. but to reiterate we were very pleased with the HE and FE reports which are exactly what we required. This will provide us with a solid foundation on which to base our future India activity. Hopefully this is the start of a fruitful working relationship to the benefit of Scotland and India.Mark Newlands, Manager, Trade & Investment – Education, Scottish Development International, Glasgow, UK

      Many thanks for the excellent draft version of the report. It contains a lot of interesting information and it will prove very useful in informing and guiding our strategy for engagement in India. Once we have the final report we intend to move forward our discussions internally and draft a strategy for India….Alan Mackay, Head of International Office, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

      I just wanted to express my appreciation for your work helping us launch the Camp America programme in India - and most particularly for managing the departures and season end operations during the last few weeks. We appreciate you handling things well right up to the end - so many thanks. Camp America is planning to continue to recruit in India for the new season and expect that we will take an employee / agent route more in line with our arrangements in other parts of the world. I wish you luck in your future endeavours, and thank you again for our efforts on our behalf in the last two seasons.Janet Henniker-Talle, Senior Vice President, Camp America, London, UK.