American Honors

American Honors (AH) entered into an arrangement with the Consultants in 2015 to help manage its International student recruitment. 

AH is a new, competitive 2-year Honors program at a community college in the US designed for students with ambition to acquire top US University degree. They have small classes, top faculty, personal advising, cohorted peer group offering seamless transfer to top universities after 2 years of AH.


Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University entered into an arrangement with the Consultants in July 2013 to help manage its international office in New Delhi, India. The Consultants through its holding companies in India are setting up the office to undertake activities that include developing a robust agent network to recruit students, develop teaching and research partnerships with Indian education and research organizations, develop and rejuvenate the Birmingham City University alumni network, advice the University on developing faculty and students' exchange programmes. The University's India office is located in New Delhi dedicated to support the University's activities in India.


Cardiff Metropolitan University

The Company signed its second agreement in January 2013 with Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff in Wales. The arrangement will enable the University to secure academic partnerships with reputed local partner institutions/Universities in identified countries globally for in-country delivery of University’s qualifications globally. 

Currently the University has academic partnership with three institutions in South Asian Region through the efforts of the Consultants. 


Coventry University

MBIEN signed up its first agreement with the Coventry University in November 2012 to provide them consultancy services in university partnerships development with quality institutions in India to offer higher education programmes.

Thus the successful track record of promoter companies has already started helping this new initiative securing relationship with prestigious clients.